Chennai couple seek embassy help in fight over boy


Chennai: The Netherlandsbased organisation Against Child Trafficking,which is helping Nagarani Kathirvel to fight the case,claiming that a 12-year-old boy is her son,wrote to the the ambassador to the Netherlands,Manbir Singh,and urged the Indian mission to take up the issue.
Kathirvel and Nagarani fear that their interests may not be given equal weight and request your Embassys urgent support in case a DNA testing would not be imposed by the Court.They are worried about the wellbeing of their child and request your urgent intervention to help them confirm their parenthood and to gain access to the child, said Arun Dohle,representing the organisation,in his letter written a day after the court session.
Nagaranis lawyer in Netherlands,Esther Schoneveld,declined to comment.
The boys adoptive parents are refusing to cooperate.Though they were summoned too,they did not appea, said Sujatha Modi,who heads Malarchi,a womens resource centre based in Chennai and who accompanied to the Netherlands.
Their lawyers claim they have been traumatised by all the media publicity and need medical attention.This is not much of an excuse when Nagarani has come all the way from India just to plead with the Bissesars that they should allow her to see her son, said Sujatha.
The child missing case involving Nagaranis son in 1999 turned out to be a major child abduction racket allegedly involving a Chennaibased adoption agency.
It is suspected that the agency with the help of touts might have abducted more than 300 children,including Satheesh Kumar,and given them away in adoption to couples abroad.
The CBI,which is now handling the case,tracked three children to countries abroad.The CBI believes that Satheesh Kumar is the Bissesar child.