Jennifer’s kids want their mother back

21 Mar 2010, 0932 hrs IST

TIMES NOW first showed you the story of Jennifer Haynes, who was sold to foreign parents at the age of 8 nearly 20 years ago and then deported to India in 2008 for having faulty adoption papers. Now, TIMES NOW has tracked her children in Chicago and they have just one wish — to be reunited with their mother.

 For over two years, Jennifer Haynes has been living alone in Mumbai. Jennifer’s only demand is to go back home and be with her children. She says, “Everyday I am without my children. Everyday I struggle, sit at home with nothing to do. All this definitely hurts me.” Following her story, TIMES NOW went to meet her children back in Chicago. Six year old Kadafi and five year old Kassana live with their grandmother, while their father i.e. Jennifer’s husband is away studying. The kids have not seen their mother in close to two years, ever since she was deported and thrown out because the Adoption Agency — Americans for International Aid and Adoption — never bothered to get her paperwork right. Her birth parents failed her and a flawed system too failed Jennifer. However, the children, who do not understand these legalities, just want their mother back. Kassana says, “I want mummy back. We miss her and love her.”