Public interest litigation against social activist withdrawn

Date: 2006-01-05
PIL against social activist withdrawn

Hyderabad, Jan. 5 A public interest litigation (PIL) licensed seeking prosecution of Ms Geetha Ramaswamy, a social activist, who is focusing on prevention of trafficking of child adoption to foreign countries was dismissed on Thursday as the same was withdrawn by the petitioner when the bench took serious note of the conduct of the petitioner.

Action of’ Social Development, represented by Sanjeeva Rao, filed the PIL complaining inaction of authorities in taking action against Ms Ramaswamy for violating Supreme Court guidelines and the rules framed by Central Government in trying to contact the biological parents of the children who were given in adoption to foreign couples.

The bench, while reprimanding the petitioner for the tone and tenor used in the petition, observed that it was not a good practice to sell Indian children to foreigners for the sake of dollars. The bench enquired how many dollars the petitioner was getting for giving the children in adoption to foreign couples.

As the bench made it clear that it would impose heavy costs on the petitioner for filing such a petition, the counsel for the petitioner sought permission from the court to withdraw the petition.